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Lifestyle technologies(aust)Pty Ltd (LT) is a melbourne based comapany that delivers energy and water savings which ultimately deliver enviromental benefits for all.

Established in 2009 LT has been directly responsible for almost 200,000 tonnes of carbon abatement in the VEET program in Victoria alone.

LT with its partner companies in both Malaysia,Indonesia and China is also working on various international projects in the form of carbon abatement in those regions.

LTs founder is also the founder of a number of companies both here and overseas in the following sectors.

4.Information technology

In Australia LT is an accreditered particapant in the Victorian Energy Efficiency Target (VEET) and employs and handles a large number of employess and contractors.

Its key activities in (VEET) predominately in the residential space and offer free installations to the end user for a number of products