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Lifestyle Technologies' Response to the Corona Virus

To our Customers,

At Lifestyle Technologies, we are committed to ensuring the health and safety of our employees and customers.

As we continue to monitor the impact of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) closely and following the advice of the World Health Organisation and Australia’s Chief Medical Officer, we have implemented the following precautionary measures in our retail stores:

  • Ensuring hand sanitiser is readily available with all our installers, door knockers;

  • Our installers have received guidelines and educational materials so that they can address situations that may occur;

  • Our installers and doorknockers have also been advised to self-isolate if they are feeling unwell or have flu-like symptoms.

Thank you for being a loyal Lifestyle Technologies customer. We appreciate your patience and understanding, and we look forward to continuing to serve you.


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Solar Packages for all budgets

Solar PV is one of the defining technologies of our times. As with mobile phones, the Internet, and Social Media, Solar PV is a technology set that propels our lives.

More than two million roofs in Australia have solar panels on them. The allure of free power from the sun is too great to ignore. It’s really not a question of if a building has solar panels on it, but when.

So who do you trust? There is too much choice. Too many panels, too many solar companies, too many mistakes in the past.

Lifestyle technologies has completed more than 50,000 lighting jobs. You can imagine how many customers have asked for solar from us so far.

So here it is. Good solar packages, at a reasonable cost, installed properly. That’s all.

$2000 upfront for a basic 4.5 KW package

In Victoria the solar rebate is $1,850 and the interest free loan is $1,850. Together this adds up to $3,700.


A 4.5 KW system produces 16.2 KWh of power in Melbourne on average a day. So if your bill shows an electricity usage that is low, then you can install this system.


This is with a Sungrow inverter and Sunport Solar panels.


$2,882 upfront for a 5 KW Fronius package

This offer includes the Solar rebate from Solar VIC

and the interest free loan in its price. 


bigger systems

One of the best solar inverters is Fronius. We offer a 5 KW solar package with a 5 KW Fronius inverter and Sunport Solar panels for an upfront cost of $2,882. This is after you obtain the Solar Victoria Rebate and interest free loan, 

Our 6.6 KW package also comes with a Fronius inverter and Sunport Solar panels. The upfront cost is $4,104.

$4,102 upfront for a 6.6 KW Fronius package

This offer includes the Solar rebate from Solar VIC

and the interest free loan in its price. 


Why Solar?

Did you know that LED lights and solar panels are one and the same thing!

If you point an LED light towards the sun, it will collect charge. And if you put the right current into a solar panel, it will light up!

It makes sense for an LED light company to install solar.

What products do you use?

Lifestyle Technologies[LT] uses not only CEC approved products, it has apology of only using the best of breed in each category. Best of breed inverters, Fronius. Best of breed solar panels. Sunport.

Sunport panels are what are known in the industry as Metal Wrap Through (MWT) solar technology. We often instal Sunport panels on houses belonging to our customers who are electricians.

They know that Metal Wrap Through is the next generation of solar pv technology.


What is Solar Victoria?

Solar Vic’s stated aims are; ““Helping Victorians to take control of their energy bills, tackle climate change and provide a cleaner, better future for all.”

What are Clean Energy Council Approved Solar Retailers?

The Clean Energy Council states that; “Approved Solar Retailers are companies who have shown their commitment to responsible sales and marketing activities, and industry best practice for the sale of solar systems.”

How do I get the solar rebate and interest free loan?

Solar Vic states the following

1.0 On the Solar Victoria Portal home page check the eligibility criteria and which documents you need to get started.

1.1 When you’re ready to begin
your application, enter your
email address and mobile phone number. Note: You can’t have used your mobile phone number to apply before.

1.2 Enter the unique security code sent to the mobile phone number you entered.

1.3 Search for the name of your chosen retailer and click on their name in the list. Enter the quote number provided by your retailer, and the total quoted amount before any rebates or discounts are applied.

1.4 Confirm that we’ve matched your details against the correct quote. Contact your retailer if these details are incorrect.

1.5 Select whether the rebate is for your home or a rental property.

1.6 Upload your Council Rates Notice to confirm property ownership. Once you have progressed to this page, you have reserved a place in the portal. You have 14 days to complete your application once you have found your quote in the portal. If you do not submit your application in this time frame you will lose your allocated place and need to wait until the next release opens to restart the application process.

1.7 Once the notice is uploaded, make sure that the property owners’ names that appear on screen are spelled exactly the same as your ID documents.

1.8 See if you qualify for a loan. The portal will check if your quote and property value are valid and let you know if you qualify for a loan based on the benefits calculation that your retailer provided.

1.9 To declare the total household income for the property, each property owner needs to provide the following: Name, Date of birth, Proof of income (select their income status, which will prompt them to upload the relevant document), Each owner needs to tick the box to confirm that they have not applied for a rebate before.

1.10 Select the name of the primary applicant. This will be the person who needs to provide their ID documents for the identity check.

1.11 If you are eligible for a loan, you’ll be offered the default loan amount of up to $1,888 and the relevant repayments will be displayed. You can decide whether to accept or decline the loan here.

1.12 Review and accept the Terms and Conditions and confirm you want to enter the loan contract.

1.13 Enter the details for the
bank account where the loan repayments will be deducted from and agree to the associated terms and conditions of repayments.

2.1 If you have your identity documents on hand, you can begin confirming your identity. If you already have a Service Victoria account, you can log in with your details now. If not, you can continue as a guest.

2.2 Select your first form of ID. Note that the names on both forms of ID will need to match.

2.3 Enter the required details. You have three attempts to enter your details correctly.

2.4 Select your second form of ID.

2.5 Enter the required details. You have three attempts to enter your details correctly.

2.6 You have successfully verified your identity. Now you can proceed to review your application details. If the names on your documents match, you’ll have successfully verified your identity. Now you can proceed to review your application details.

2.7 If you’d like, you can create a Service Victoria account to use for future transactions. You don’t have to create an account if you don’t want to.

3.1 Review your details. All the details you’ve provided will be displayed for you to review and confirm. You can go back and edit any details that are incorrect.

3.2 Consent to the program terms and conditions.
You need to agree to the terms and conditions of the program, as well as Service Victoria’s terms and conditions and privacy policy. This is because Service Victoria is providing the digital identification service.

3.3 Submit your application. Once you’ve confirmed this you’re ready to submit your application.

4.1 Once you’ve submitted your application you’ll automatically receive an email from the portal confirming we received your application. If we’ve got all the information we need, your eligibility will be confirmed immediately. If not, we’ll need to review some of the details or ask for additional information.

When can I get the solar system installed?

With demand exceeding supply, there is a significant wait time at the moment.

Are you a