What’s Is Associated with Upgrading to LED Downlights?

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What’s Involved In Upgrading to LED Downlights?


LED Upgrade

Have a few of your halogen downlights burnt out? Maybe some of them have dulled, buzz or flicker …

Is it time to kick your old, dead halogens aside and replace them with new energy-efficient LEDs?

LED lights are much better for a myriad of factors including performance, which suggests they generate the very same amount of lighting output with less energy input, they’re much safer due to the fact that they run at much cooler temperatures, they last much longer– some as high as 20 years and also the illumination they provide is much superior– no buzzing, flickering or dulling over time.

If it’s time to replace a few of your halogen lights or incandescent worlds, you may think about updating to new energy-efficient LEDs. You may also have actually seen an advert, or more, promoting the Victorian Government’s Power Upgrades program which supplies energy efficient upgrades to LED to aid you lower your energy demands and also decrease your energy expenses. The reason this is a superb deal to benefit from while it’s still aBut, what’s involved in an LED upgrade? Can you simply update your lights yourself?


Technically, yes you can personally upgrade the lights in your home to LED— and also why not? It’s simple to switch your globes over, right? Hold on, not so quick– let’s take into consideration some of the circumstances in which replacing the lights yourself might not be such a fantastic idea.

  1. LEDs are pricey. They’re one of the most effective lighting technology readily available but they’re not the cheapest. Here is some information on why LEDs are so expensive if you want to find out more regarding that. A shopping trip to your neighborhood hardware store to purchase your own LEDs is an excellent idea but purchasing your very own LEDs can cost you numerous bucks (depending upon the variety of lights in your home) so upgrading your entire residence or business could be a VERY costly task.
  2. There’s more to an upgrade than just switching globes. Not all light fittings are the same and some have transformers. Did you understand MR16 halogen downlights have a transformer and they’re not always compatible with every LED? As well as, if you have a dimmer button with your MR16s as well as upgrade to LED MR16s would certainly be strongly disadvised by us as dimmable MR16s are notoriously unstable. Your ideal, most effective alternative is to contact us as well as one of our certified electrical experts can attend your residential property and also replace downlights with led or incandescent globe with energy-efficient LEDs. Our electrical contractor will certainly check the transformers in your ceiling and ensure they work with our LEDs to provide you with one of the most reliable LED lights system.
  3. How will you reuse your old lights? An additional benefit to us finishing your upgrade: We can access higher ceilings than you could have access to and our electricians will literally remove and also deactivate the halogen bulb, guaranteeing they’re recycled securely, so you don’t need to.
  4. You do not need to source great LEDs. Our group does the hard work for you. Under the guidelines of the energy upgrades program, an Accredited Companion (like Lifestyle Technologies) are just allowed to set up products that have been accepted by the regulating body. This implies they have actually been looked for safety as well as high quality and you, as the customer, will get an exceptional, high-grade item that will last for many years. We have more info on the premium LEDs we select below.
  5. We provide a 12-month warranty on our LED upgrades. If something does not seem right, we more than happy ahead back to your residential property to attend to the problem. IF you mount your very own LEDs as well as there are any problems, you get on your own!
    Can you send me the LEDs and also I upgrade them myself?

Can you send me the LEDs and also I update them myself?

We get asked this concern a great deal. However, that’s not enabled under the regulations of the program that supply these aids. We have more information on why you can not update your own LEDs for free. It is vital that a Power Makeovers electrician complete the upgrade to adhere to all of the regulations within the program.

Do not stress– our electricians are qualified and professional as well as we stand by our high rating and reviews that we obtain thanks to our fantastic customer care and also the superb team of electrical experts. They can address any type of questions you might have about your lights and they’ll do an examination with you after the installation to ensure your easy work appropriately and that your satisfied with the colour and illumination or your new, and also free, LEDs.

Can we upgrade light installations with no globes in them?

Another really usual question we hear; can we install lights where there are no fittings or where an empty installation does not have an old light in position. Unfortunately, no. Once more– this is to the regulations under the program which exists to retrofit already existing, inefficient lights to LEDs. We have even more info on why we can’t update lights to LED if no light remains in the fitting below.

The benefits of an Lifestyle Technologies electrical contractor completing as well as LED Upgrade for you much exceed you updating your very own LEDs. Nevertheless, even if you’re in a placement to replace the LEDs on your own, why not have an Lifestyle Technologies’ electrical expert change them for you for free?

Free upgrades to brand-new LED lights making use of the VEET scheme (now called the VEU Program) are offered for a minimal time, so why not have a look at our details on the advantages, exactly how this is possible and also how you can join on our website below.


1: Do the study, get your bulbs, climb a ladder and also replace whatever yourself at a possibly huge expense.


2: Contact Lifestyle Technologies, we’ll give the LEDs (completely free), organize an appointment to fit you, set up brand-new lights (for free) as well as our qualified electrician will do all the effort for you!

Which seems best for you?

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